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March 2014

Top Tomato Picks 2014

Choosing which tomatoes to grow is an annual ritual and semi-intellectual process that involves balancing experience with experimentation and whimsy, resulting in a mix of our all-time favorites, transplants from friends, some new-in-our-garden heirlooms, and the inevitable pony pack of the first seedlings delivered to our local garden centers in early February. Part of this year's plan was to put an [...]

wine-braised lamb shank with pasta

It's the first week of March, and here in Bakersfield we are between seasons.  The cold of winter is already a month behind us, our garden is overflowing with salad greens of all sizes shapes and colors, and we've had a handful of days in the past 3 weeks with temps over 70 degrees.  It [...]


Look at this crispy green romaine, isn't it gorgeous? I took this picture just over a week ago, before harvesting one of the three heads to make a dinner salad. I don't always harvest full heads ... sometimes I remove leaves from several different plants, especially when they're not yet fully grown. But these lettuces [...]