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Top Tomato Picks 2014

Choosing which tomatoes to grow is an annual ritual and semi-intellectual process that involves balancing experience with experimentation and whimsy, resulting in a mix of our all-time favorites, transplants from friends, some new-in-our-garden heirlooms, and the inevitable pony pack of the first seedlings delivered to our local garden centers in early February. Part of this year's plan was to put an [...]


Look at this crispy green romaine, isn't it gorgeous? I took this picture just over a week ago, before harvesting one of the three heads to make a dinner salad. I don't always harvest full heads ... sometimes I remove leaves from several different plants, especially when they're not yet fully grown. But these lettuces [...]


Two days ago, I began this new blog by writing about the evolution of our Bakersfield Garden, ending with relocating the whole shebang by building raised beds on top of the back lawn in early 2009. I thought it would be a good follow-up to show how well the garden grew that year, all because of [...]