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Where has the time gone? And where are all those fabulous blog posts I've been composing in my head each and every day?  Am I really that busy, or am I just a restless girl who can't or won't sit still long enough to blog? The truth? I'm more than a little bit of both. Every [...]


  Welcome to 2015!  I've been crazy busy in the garden and the kitchen, and can't wait to catch you up on all that's new.  Here are 5 things that made the past week special ... #1 - The seeds have arrived! In chilly January, few things warm my heart as much as the arrival [...]


More pics from yesterday's tour of our back yard veggie garden ... here's a bit of what's currently blooming in our back yard: Though some people think it's strange -- or a waste of valuable food growing space -- I'm a cottage gardener at heart, and I love the look of flowers mixed in with [...]

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Today we got an unusual break from the Bakersfield springtime heat ... yesterday's high was 87, and today we only made it to 75, though it felt plenty warm in the sun while working in the garden this afternoon.  A strong breeze came up around 4:30, shocking the sunflowers I transplanted today, and knocking over the [...]