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  A gardener knows all about anticipation ... the year's first daffodil, the threat of frost and the promise of rain, the cautious back-and-forth flight of birds building a nest and foraging for worms in the garden, the rebirth of perennials, and the delightfully sweet smell of lemon blossoms foreshadowing this summer's tall cool glasses of [...]


In the third week of January, tomato seedlings arrived at our local Lowe's. Less than a month into what passes for winter in Bakersfield, our days were cool, dry, and sunny. I couldn't resist bringing a few plants home to get an extra-early jump on tomato season.  I limited my selection to seven smallish plants -- [...]


Welcome to my first 5 things FRIDAY post.  This is one of several places to find out what's going on in the kitchen and the garden, and where I have been or will soon be going. I will be posting in this category frequently, but not necessarily every Friday.   #1 - Earlier today, I discovered the perfect [...]


Top Tomato Picks 2014

Choosing which tomatoes to grow is an annual ritual and semi-intellectual process that involves balancing experience with experimentation and whimsy, resulting in a mix of our all-time favorites, transplants from friends, some new-in-our-garden heirlooms, and the inevitable pony pack of the first seedlings delivered to our local garden centers in early February. Part of this year's plan was to put an [...]