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Welcome to my first 5 things FRIDAY post.  This is one of several places to find out what's going on in the kitchen and the garden, and where I have been or will soon be going. I will be posting in this category frequently, but not necessarily every Friday.   #1 - Earlier today, I discovered the perfect [...]


Today we got an unusual break from the Bakersfield springtime heat ... yesterday's high was 87, and today we only made it to 75, though it felt plenty warm in the sun while working in the garden this afternoon.  A strong breeze came up around 4:30, shocking the sunflowers I transplanted today, and knocking over the [...]


Top Tomato Picks 2014

Choosing which tomatoes to grow is an annual ritual and semi-intellectual process that involves balancing experience with experimentation and whimsy, resulting in a mix of our all-time favorites, transplants from friends, some new-in-our-garden heirlooms, and the inevitable pony pack of the first seedlings delivered to our local garden centers in early February. Part of this year's plan was to put an [...]


Look at this crispy green romaine, isn't it gorgeous? I took this picture just over a week ago, before harvesting one of the three heads to make a dinner salad. I don't always harvest full heads ... sometimes I remove leaves from several different plants, especially when they're not yet fully grown. But these lettuces [...]


Virginia Woolf famously wrote that women writers need "A Room Of One's Own," a solitary place to plan, write, contemplate, relax, and dream, away from the distractions of everyday life. As a writer myself, I have created a Room Of My Own many times and in many places ... after-hours classrooms, cafes, national parks, a [...]