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Time Flies well, of course I've been busy, but still ...

Where has the time gone? And where are all those fabulous blog posts I’ve been composing in my head each and every day?  Am I really that busy, or am I just a restless girl who can’t or won’t sit still long enough to blog?


Filoli Estate & Gardens – Woodside, California, February 2015

The truth? I’m more than a little bit of both. Every day is jam-packed with activity: I garden year-round, blessed by Bakersfield’s mild winters. In recent weeks and months, I’ve spent many full days in the kitchen — including a whirlwind week of cooking classes in Italy last October — practicing the art of gluten free baking. I make a mighty fine sourdough baguette, crusty dinner rolls, chewy bagels, tender focaccia, and pizza crust that’s everything a pizza crust should be, but a simple boule or Pullman loaf still eludes me.


Tuscany, Italy, June 2014


These are tiny sourdough breads, the boule is about 6″ across. My kitchen, January 2015

I have nurtured my winter garden, drooled over seed catalogs, planted springtime bulbs in my front yard herb garden, and plotted and planned this year’s veggie and flower gardens on paper as well as online. I have traveled, toured, taken trips short and long, seeing the sights, hunting for treasure, and sharing laughter and meals with family and friends. I have photos, souvenirs, postcards, notes, recipes, gardening tips, and precious memories to share.


Flowers & veggies, ready to transplant into the backyard garden – Bakersfield, California, March 12, 2015


Arugula seedlings, 1 day old – Bakersfield, California, March 12, 2015

And now? Now I am here, centered, totally and completely in the moment. I have my jiggly bottom firmly in the chair, my hands on the keyboard, and I am ready to write. The time has come to throw open the gates, the doors, and the windows, and to let the best things in life flow in both directions.

If this is your first time here, welcome. And if you’ve been here before, welcome back. Either way, I’m glad you’re here.


Snapdragons & Swiss Chard in my backyard garden – Bakersfield, California, March 2015

What’s going on in your garden and your kitchen this week? I love comments, so please let me know you stopped by!




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